Friday, February 1, 2008

You Can Never Go on TV and Call John McCain a Traitor

Who while shining shoes of donors of Cocoa Puffs

for the good hunting of the State closed themselves

within the prison, however they have it, with its immortal

spirit, while being so freely like sky-investigation lark, Minion of the size!

do you think this one waited? Do you think this one is necessary?

until so much of little laid out the key? Ah, No! every

stereo, nobler it was, its destiny in the Spenser rooms, was

drawn aside, and the kiosk report/ratio

chooses flowers. it flew with daring Milton via the sectors of the air

with areas for you to be of the Messrs of the genius,

true turnpike with escape. Who will weaken his reputation

when dead art, and all the dystrophy's Stone, seeks payment?

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