Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long Sentence

Legislated marsh, with wind across a moment finding torrents of last hour battering some compost and the organisms under a rock, till the chill refers to some class of registration, the sun almost over the trees but untouched, a drill into the same trusting note of change, poised for a the fall of leaves into the full sky, marking a history that rolls, powered by increments of colour turning toward brown, all in an enclosed figure set, each item named as seen, like a crow whipped in the air current, a squirrel tuned to the nature of rock, a rabbits brighter in force than a planetary bee, all such facts rippling inside the need to talk about them, remaining underscored and drastic, dating the pieces with reverence, now a year in another day, now another day for a year…

Erik Satie at Home

Mudflat mandible credit crunch
jungle boy flits

Moose track guppy weasel
sniffs poodle schlangengraben

Documentary gaga sheets
West of woowoo Ohio
buoyed battle axe container shaft

Guff wobble willy shoes
Praise newby taxonomic franchise

Dope fiend noodle beast
Withal glop fronds eviction gantry
notices unction Pleiades

Assay a sweat logic logarithm
asbestos beetle Jutes
huffy hid of harrying

Class saxophone on soot farm
form is terrific

Closing In

I am a barn door with a favourable rag inclusion. Those trees in the class season slurp with fine rain. I had jest in tropic saddle bottle (days of Wednesday, Woden is naked), tried edgy ladder treason and felt compossible. Will you evince a statute like your ladle did of days? Read further, tactic of pronoun. When your use is fragrant and fits tines, oh, the fork of splendid! Create a bad chancellery in the document marsh, then stage a reference tone for all. I mean a poem, now and then. Create then first, close the participles when time is right.