Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Devastating New Unthinkable Target

The last book by Dan Brown surfaced. Not the last theory of broken integrity, just Dan Brown, with shoes in his bag. Hold onto that bag, Dan, now that you have written the book. The century is new, full of books by Dan Brown. He made a million words look like a book. He is the essence of Tom Hanks. The war may soon be over. This is a novel by Dan Brown, with childish emphasis. And then the sea rises because of Al Gore, and the facts remain insane. This is where Dan. We could not prove only that words come in packs, but that stories change with listening. Then the process accepts the poem as a sidecar in an immense factory of visiting. So Dan Brown grew up with exactly the right explanation. And it came to a million words or so, who is counting, which could be captured, frame by frame. And we are happy with the logistics of such spray, writing thru the day. My friends are exceptional and go to lengths. Their sense of Dan brown includes a movie deal and 6 packs. After a while the message is clear. You type as fast as you think, trying to catch up with Dan Brown. How crazy must that hominid be?