Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cost of Leaves and Snow

When you see Professor Radiant, could be long dress, mutton leg sleeves, hair pinned up seriously, and days. OR Professor Radiant could be waistcoat tweed, stiff collar, standard of facial hair, and days. The days picture well, in the course of empiric stating. Statement comes of words.

The words in time fill ontology reports, oozing sap of springtime maple. Text becomes love or commitment, at least in the souring autumn of apples hardly keeping, and rain rendering loosened leaves. Pity fails to stem the determining. Radiance becomes a best moment, bright as agitation. Winter means a sensible word sometimes.

Professor Radiant inculcates the skills needed in the pliancy of discovery, or so we think. Pressure applied to central point produces invoice of compassion. The laboratory glows with the next fantastic. Notebooks bear the results.

Professor Radiant, then a narration fostered for what a word is worth. Poetry is not as clever as the time it takes to read of worth. Radiance resumes the sun.

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