Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Expansion of Comatose (My Doctoral Thesis Can Enslave Yours)

Mr Roper turned to Joseph Goebbels and said, Mandibles redress the carcass. A laugh and instead for Herr Goebbels, who ballooned and full moon. The matter of coffee, in the reigning time, or lack of said beverage, in the reign of time. National Socialism and Fascism share a dislike of a comfortable and pleasant life, copied Mr Roper then pasted. From here to the planet of time, where it reigns, sweats Goebbels, this being sorted out in verity. Truculence manifests in coffee shortages, of which Herr Goebbels takes note. The simplicity is as of chardonnay, or blank looks when confronted by conservative anchovies. Situations inhere because we have tasted coffee and exacted strict regulations. Slave labour was a boon, and boons are good, we note in controvertible passage, freed. A boon of free labour and the midnight shattering glass become stranding units. Mr Roper intolerates with a passion, which is just as Herr Goebbels would have it. Listen, we have to feed children, believability, said Mr Roper. He stood next to Jack Tripper and it was not simple. Simple becomes a matter of regulation, and places to go when going needs. Herr Goebbels looked for a way for usefulness. It was core simple. Few towns remained. The starving to death part was overly, couldn't you tell? The main beam stutters in time, with a branch of government. We now have Mr Roper and Jack Tripper and Herr Goebbels the moebius strip. Just this, likely as plain noise.

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