Sunday, July 31, 2011

Personal History

Dear Ape in the Beginning,

I found the flower you spoke of. It sits in the kitchen like three paths into a busy forest. Each track remains bent by the last senator to give adman preference to the total askance. The senator’s version will remain “tickled”.

Before we could clean up the reverie, a fearsome wave of no chance bucked over the horizon. It left us politically coarse, with a bridge to callow. Congressional haircuts moved a-pace. The scene shifts as do the senators. Congressional reps fall for poison.

Were you planning to leave on a junket to hotspots early this morn or were you spotting the effort of sunrise nowadays? Moon sightings have been vague and unending. Blame the handicapped marsh. I have to know three things by midday, and the clock is running.

If you ever leave the beginning, could you give me a call. My number is a lot like 7, but I cannot slice the data further.

Meanwhile, I verge on greatness, tho with coffee stains on my papers. Everything otherwise looks proper for association. Please reply stat.

Best regards like awesome,


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