Monday, June 20, 2011

One Obvious Plea


Orc stutters with act of food group. Parsimonious human populace obliged to practice fetching. Orc bothers to submerge, brood in underwater, feed not eat, and then intelligent, almost. Human on land becomes a miser, in sunshine upon rightness. Half play of politics means a city that has a flattened surface. Degrees mean something in the heft of hierarchy, to the point that the point becomes invasive. Orc is killer, notably and in books, on the wide-ranging seas and farrago. Left to chance, a text becomes opinion where one lives. Human endeavour works for manufacture. Government works for stands upon which the sight of the later day can be seen by some. Orc holds breath, human does not.


Bach’s full throat, by which means plenty in the dilation, sorts thru hampers full of noting. Cares alive. No trace of organism resides in the expansion promulgated by a little bit banging ignition into beyond our minds. Something written down somehow becomes exacting. How does spaceship Orc retain its rights when harbouring Human cannot refrain from the still life of Glenn Beck? Cheers were made to flow backwards.


Every Republican is a hamster. As a reward for enjoying the cage, the cage treats the hamster like the swish of sweet fire in forest outposts known for iniquity. The Democrat, by way of margin, includes semi hemi demi quaver refrain, tiny towards the centre until filled with the same rebuke that rebuked water’s wetness. Fire claims fire as a natural range of fire. Thus and in stilted language, Republican argues Democrat in vice versa. Otherwise, friends, the chance might happen. Did one say every Democrat is a hamster, or a universe on its own grows long?


Baby Spice is 900 years old. She is crusades in and of herself. Scary Spice growls terrible stockyards, and your church called. Ginger Spice documents clerical errors with clandestine ripening, and/or gossip. Sporty Spice simply debriefs. Posh Spice is exactly what’s left, reducing Sarah Palin Spice to elbows, John Kerry Spice to blanched green beans, and both retain armament till the end of the Afghan war. Just kidding, Human Spice, we will never part.