Monday, November 14, 2011

Adam Sandler Has Totally Lost It. Okay?

The greatest popular person in the world died today. Repeat: this person was young, with exceptionally pleasant features forced of radial tires.

Each star in the empyrean sighed for lack of this locus of popularity. Humdrum took on new meaning, but meaning did not.

Meaning is a wave of popularity toward the sigh of exceptional stars. These stars are good-looking reminders of all that is possible, tho distant from any address. Tears flowed to the heart of the Milky Way, because the popular person stood tall and well-dressed, like sentimental eagles drinking Bud Light while evoking timeless mythic pediments.

The greatest of popular signs grew milky with waves of stars over easy oceans of just plain folk stalking the best. We remain ardent, tho the popular person can no longer contribute. We have to look in magazines again, for the source and severing. Levers used for leverage feel average.

Again the popular trout, the popular doorknob, the popular brand of sweetened, flavoured, frozen water, again they all combine in the tall and timeless person who died popular. I like in Penn State forever, said Joe Paterno, underlined carefully.