Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Lot of Us Just Shrugged

This is the main child, the document. The main child survives and presses nose to glass, a puppy behind. The main child loses things, and things are still. The main child lives in voice, in the time, at a will, as a wall. The main child is as bright as the season and still.

A main child is obvious, clean and perched. We ask in every sentence and the main child starts expanse. We cannot wait for the main child, the main child waits for us.

In our blessing, which is a machine, we see all the towers created for the city. Apple trees have left their blooms behind, the fruit is time to go.

Steam freezes in degree as we settle. The greening of clarinet in the topic sentence puts new and front to the main child plan. Each end note leads. A puppy expends puppy in the time it takes. Here is the sun light standing.

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