Sunday, October 28, 2012

Help Rush Limbaugh in his Time of woe

He is the excusing factor left on the porch with withering tractor breath. You see him. He has been a mountain for the goats, track for trains. Now the country quakes, with storm clouds reaching to the highest newscast of ardent needing. We are provoked. Molly Hatchet has a hit for the ages!

And today is the thing looking flowery while the smell of seawrack flops illogically into mind. What are the distractions that make A-Bombs wish to be H-Bombs? Rush Limbugh likes Mission Control.

As the beast eats dinner, trees glitter with words like glitter. These words attract the margins until every Tuesday imaginable. Such represents the spats on the political situation’s foreplay. Smite is smote in the present tension.

Rush Limbaugh was telegraphed with vital facts and figures. These he smokestacked with lightning, the poem of response. He is a human thing thru and thru, thinking more of hit songs than ever. Ever was broken long ago. It helped poor Rush Limbaugh cope.

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