Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In a large metal pot, boil 11 large eggs until hard cooked. Let cool for 7 minutes then add one cup of agave syrup. Do not stir.

Place one cup corn flakes in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Set next to the egg/agave mixture.

Chop the greens of one bunch of celery and place in a brown paper bag. Place bag in oven then set the temperature to 175. Place rolling pin next to bag. Heat both items for 10 minutes.

Return egg/agave mixture to stove and bring to full boil. Continue boiling until you realize you are talking to Mitt Romney. Remove pot from heat. Pour liquid down drain and place eggs under couch. When family members or friends speak to you, nod then shrug.

As the election continues, look for books that do not excite you too much. Remove page 151 of the book and look it straight in the eye. Is it a racist fuck or what? Does it seem to care about anything within your realm of imagination? Place under couch with eggs.

Remove bag of celery greens and rolling pin from oven. Now that that you have voted for Mitt Romney or whoever, go out to the world. Place fingers on ocean and push lightly. If words appear, study them carefully. Yellow means sun, blue goes forever.

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