Thursday, November 14, 2013

It is Black or Grey in Colour

The edges of every vowel intercede when any storm. Even with the breath dislocated in the space of a town, the any town develops a vowel.

Spy found in locked gym bag ruled 'accident'. Young people now care about privacy.

Justin Bieber apologizes for peeing incident. It's the peeing incidents that bring the storms. It's the peeing incidents that say vowels thru the winds of words that hang.

Now care about privacy.

Care about shards of sand in the eyes of wind.

Care about tons of wending towards the bottom, fining the human scape.

Care about the settling of earth with its people.

Care about temples of water washing over uncouth labouratories of land.

Care about the word between action and succour.

Care about the frame and insistence.

Care about the immediate beat, or cousins, driven.

Care about the emery of wind on the anything that water leaves behind.

You had a telephone call earlier.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taylor Swift Scores a Spot

Stone cold waves react to only people persuaded to fall into there, the dark, the only dark for all. Trees resist non-trees, as a daily happenstance. When the water pours the town, we see the taming of our vision. We cannot live alone with shores coming closer closer.

The wind in the word in the trees in the town, and people all around go hand to hand in hand. We saw it coming and we saw it go. Tensions rise over bits of rock. It was a night formed of your typical award show.