Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Useless Years of Leisure Suits

Granite turned into model idol. The kids who die young improve road construction. This is a test.

We are scheduled to debate we are scheduled. Some kids, after all, must be the blanket statement. We are tunes to create the common tone. Or if rain is a habit, in conjunction with explaining doorways and in media res, what lasts thru the misery of incompetent sentences will probably provoke. Your guess is good. Some people, and their words, tho, gangplanks.

The truism of yesterday, gilded, slope. A preference for some words gainsays all words. Yet if a sentence still had human qualities, like a bear its hibernation, what of the warm breeze on this fog of night? Surround pity with something green and gaining. You have the word for it.

America’s Poets Will Wake Up

Starting into you, your Republic, along river and then. Along erosive becomes the fashion of emptying.

The viable flight of protein turns old in the gut reaction where each word parlays something slid underneath the door. At river quietly, in terms of trash or a monkey in India, stating something in the state.

Longueurs exchange includes information about history, franchises, competitions, directions, contact details and schedules. All wrapped in rivers along the way.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Adding Logic to Your Congas

How the lights, the wicked general lights, flicker in the guess of a word. The implication of a sentence lists to the side of a word, or many. The light then causes off the trail playing to the tune. Lights bring calling, sorting, reaching, toning.

The wicked lights offer ants in spring. The wicked lights long before, then Floreo, played to instill emotion.