Monday, March 17, 2014

Man of La Mancha Dies

Possible tent. Possible place in

infinite slope

of mountain. Possible explanation of

Paypal as most beloved. Lend us your

years. There was a midnight groomed

thru day until it stuck the

trace of time. Which today is

yesterday, viable weekends?

Possible tent on easy

going Everest. Talks with gods

fruition. Maybe no

avalanche, words expressing

doubt. Yeti stalks the vast

empty, looking for

Sarah Palin tossed

salad. It adds up to

what. Stone of marginal people

collect for days on the

awful side of

mountain. No tent

exists. We are the human’s


Walk Down a Path

Artful indolent cold spell in the reply version of where you are. Place mobile war chant on loud, exert word for posture, extend depth to the least surface.

Impulse beckons. That means your loan arranger has scads of destiny to replace your life. You are politically viable, with a laugh. Fading is an intense practice of widespread. Delete autonomy, it doesn't pay.

Easy exactitude when if comes to refrains. If you say it over, and add over, your days will arrive the space of menace. Do not misdoubt the cactus of seeming attribute.

A poem in the while commands a station in the naught. You were reasoning for a while, the while left home. Space is the detection of infinite, which fills the space between words as work.

You are like a wind in words forever. So am I. So are the words that make forever.


Growing awful tiny land

endless sporty final dream

you would not miss

a thing what read

letter dais campaign promiscuous

fancy blend contagion followed

by clear ing of

doers bound by eminent

domain or the pond

light in the quizzical