Saturday, August 23, 2014

This Country that This People Seem to Have Been

There were days when The Federalist, cool as waves. And the Eastern light shone thru every morning window. Yet states were blending and called to various tunes. A wind blew the silky curtain of a picture. Violence became programmatic. Those Roman legions remember the trek to the bitter end. They remember the trek again. And further on, the sun seems faint.

Historically, we see a beginning with a brief mention. Toes were stepped on, an ocean threw things forth. Seawash looked to lower ground, addressing the masses without pity. So many thought they were clear in their understanding.

The riots of the people formed in a gastric region, colluding with essential items and noteworthy proceedings, treating mercy like a smell. Topic sentences were brought forth and expatiated upon. Every word had another in tow.

These days and the flowers we used to see. Each impeding engine recreates a prolonged bad sentence. Fine trees with their green effort circle around us. The word for that is almost close at hand.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The signal comes   a ruse of grey   clouds, the plain of

tomorrow. On top of all the house sparrows

twitter, seasons simplify   and expand. The people rely on news.

As grey as soon rain, and meaning to forget the path, still awash or replied to, the mood of growing on gross on. Each sentence relies on past section. Time   makes spaced between thinking someone there.

Someone is thing. Time is there in random.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Dignified Protesters Went Home at Dusk

We are the possible lake, strict lines today. If gulf and weather reel us: portion, membership, lineage. It cannot be more frank and seen.

Imagine the effort of blue on the scale of one tree. One tree in the scene, one place of nouns and full of action. We resemble stadia and the practice that says, Sound the vowels with pictures.

Moments ago roan pony in the certain hills, and mercy swaying.