Friday, April 17, 2015

By the Biggest Community

Stars crumble because détente. Rash or Russian perplex of gravid Death of Scholar Pants resumés.

A fleece pantry exists (patent pending) whereby once needing fleece conveys the exactitude of place for the wherewithal of finding exact change idiom. There is no idiom like the one I got.

Haul bleak primogeniture to Everest fan base. Collectible has been meets referent hornswoggle. Accept the Dutch rendering of detritus.

Fardel creampuff resists placid sentence. You redeem mirror pressure with honed hem and haw.

The place love conveys in a wetland of words, for rich forgiving, you who expect. A sentence cannot convey a sentence, it must remain town of sentence.

A sentence of Everest night exactly without much air or where to go but up or down. Down among the trees that do not disappear. Up to the end of logical approach. Both hit the mire of simplicity.

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