Friday, December 18, 2015

Donald Trump Grasps for Air

The shed is open to ideas.
The door to the shed is open.

The shed is grey with a pane of glass
in a tiny window, to be a window.

Light stays quiet in the shed. The
thinking in the shed stays quiet.

Rumours abound, the nation dies. Emphatic
envy lives and dies.

Here is the shed and
here is the end of shed.

Driverless car rules perplexing,”says Google.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Their Best Poetry Is Determined By Website

Diligence prepares for Donald Trump dressing down Ted Cruz in sparkle time, wearing rock to sadness.

Diligence says Obama hovering protocol and circumstance of devils, one last time.

Diligence opens Ann Coulter heart valve one last time.

Diligence marches Hillary streaming video pocket full of, one last time.

Diligence resorts to ponds in gardens, gardens in deserts, deserts in season, season in making. Time is a swerving gesture towards a thing that won't become…

Does the reader see a sentence here? Sentence aren't poem anymore, one last time.