Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ever Call an Asshole?

Embargo on careless town. The talking thing inside us. The piece that says the anger made me.

Modern moonlight set for drought. Easy crack in earth crust. A poor town after all.

The sun has been accomplished. Words are a means of breath. Life lasts until the next.

I See You Got Your Fist Out

The popular trucks
in branch identified
as fierce, the
conflict called. And so, so
biblical as to equate,
but the bush burns merrily. As
merrily burns, so the words
inside. This is prophecy
on the ranch, and no more proven
than the tongue of Trump.
The class of happy wishes
falls a little fall. The people are
spokes in a lopsided wheel. The contest
comes in colours. Colour
is a piece
of light while light
is a piece of us.

Finely Cried The Morning

it is day time
like for trees
or an ocean known
for bees

it is a place name
borne by winds or turtles

quickened coyote
on the top of a small

sword dance woke
the baby trees the reason
trees the after trees and all

song came before
the clatter

lacking grace
is a human thing
in cities called