Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tewksbury Man Spreads Word on Hand Bells

Solving equilibrium with a closed fist or
sudden panic in the middle
of a sentence. Sentence structure requires
verbs and point of view. You make trees, then
pass them over
the landscape. Your clouds are
all clouds. You thought you knew anger
but then anger knew you. You have a
hard time in the easy
time, and it’s the patch
where we live (comma)
together. You vote for towns called
all any what. You can aim your
perception. The wash of future
seems sweetened with this
little. It is time to
tell. You are once rocket twice
explain. You could be president
of telltale, tho oily
and asking. It’s alright to ask
if you try. You started with words
which makes you us. Stop
wiggling. Sentence structure
could be your friend
if you looked underneath that
veritable rock. A rock is an
idea ready for township. You don’t
want to be Donald Trump, you
just have a case.