Monday, January 9, 2017

Carry Out the Plan

elaborate bridges, take time, resist patron, fall asking, sleep dangerously, lose wonderingly, pile off, fund free, see more, light hop, state

pond water where we live, the life after living in the pond life, the sentence in the pond, the pond life

aerate the water of the pond life, raise the pond, drain the man who mentioned the draining, fall to the point and fail to relate

status borne status, berserker twitter, fire plies

Sunday, January 8, 2017

More Celeb Couples Make Us Swoon

in our cosmic background, in the same same light trifled by dying, in the situational ethics committee ponderosa, in the eye of the beholden, in the grace of cracking fire, in the same sentence as any other

word, so marks the event of,

between us or, as a sample page,

the clearly less lexicon,


in a pine box cavern wordage,
frantic timely assay,

the means between the means, us, in the same sentence, participle,

quiet violent Republican data, of which the dickered Democrats resist by assenting,

and you,


the agon property, while gee the Golden Globes for every Monet on Earth, every Monet!

Table Plain

An element in power, across snow and
great clouds. After a moon and tough cold
with eel, see plain. See temperature as
a dilation of cause. See lightness in the
sprig of word. See eel in the water
wheel in the sky. After bird a colour
of political effort. The war begins like
anything else: Settled provost in the frost,
careless spatial patterns in effective
darkness, whirled possible reproach
because those Greek states thought
they knew.