Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twilight Zone of the Gods

Wind beginning. Cold Yeti touch. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts write letters across the bridge. Vapours of the Last begin. Children cannot represent towns anymore, only climate change. The machine says many things.

Here the town begins to decay. It takes effort of the slide. Winter carries no foreboding beyond the obvious delusion of primacy. Wait here. The content of the tweet.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Same Street asYour Last Fart

The endtimes agree with your Arabian rug. You present fascicles of presumptuous moan as a record of granulated traits. Askable sky resumes Topic, now slowed by aging ask. Plumes the misery of adjusted now in frantic cadence. We all can see a trace of rapture in the mud you swell in. You tunnel from the town, the town heals the line.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tiny Hands the Day

Intro glass in which. Then far thing, such cloud or horizon thing. This Sunday as magma. Report: grey clouds as absorption.

Possible emphasis on meaning, constitution. A period of exploit associated with Sentence. You are a man or woman or some thing reading. This. It is not a construct.

The clouds huddle grey moisture in the teeming consequence of one more question. Dactyls for Donald, beyond beyond reproach.

Return of the Topic Sentence

Thank the lumpen matrix, the language went in okay. The main program word on disease glows glows. Filaments for sentences call language bumps as clear in thingness. Natural ash makes a river now when neutral night for neutral day alongside of the lacking. Children are portable empty of the future. Residue line remains: simple sortilege for simple sentiments.