Saturday, March 4, 2017

Denatured Dabbling in the Hearing Now

Subduction of TheKennedys by before Rob Lowe talks to Donald. A capital TheKennedys most Important of nothing.  Bend spending money in language between each Buddha pedal on this semiotic bike going whoa because adrenaline, you fair no diffrent. Periods for saps with nothing more to say rant a bald function for increments of demeaning, like woods before fire. Sow TheKennedys as Camel Lot, the desert of thinking closer. A decade later than a decade before, all along the timelin, sprouting words as timetables. Donald as capital rob low and lower just by speaking in between. That bardo that bardo that bardo…

Thursday, March 2, 2017

"This is All That Ever Staggered"

The most important of nothing. The Tarzan of edge forest Jane hear bird there, hear here. The Fu Manchu hiss verbs, nouns, the like, owning world. Read the fiction.

Tramp walks into a presidency, sez I am discharge. Only a familiarity, informal terms of conduct.

The leisure suit of prospect or golf course, these breed control. Most women become pantsuits, less likely. The desperate villain married at 19, owned stock in matter, preyed everyday: mighty is the dew that forms each morning, each morning forms. Poems become that way, or words in any way.

What then legal, unaltered, approved, useless to the god of unpopped beer cans? Snakes find seasons of skin, why cannot we?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Best Think of Mentioning

Trotting G sibilant fibrillation. The sage wattage frequent circle becomes. Masterpieces are a huge part for the new one and of my chapbook the project of one tree. The only thing that works is a simple word. I don’t know what the words sound like. This allowed me to read the description of as soon as possible.

Going to War Against His Own Intelligence

Rendition of pavanne brokerage, to the age of mostly
swift faction,

like saying red becomes almost when the mind means

blood. Blood for circular boosts
mercantile process while imagine a
child without.

These are possible. So

is the stroke of the oar (and
more), away from the cold land

fund. So is the imagination that scares
the elegy building massive.

Nodules don’t sound
poetic except when

seen as parts of an existing sense
and sentence, even willed to release stupid

formations of center load.

Opinion and the ranks, the given becomes
the gone.

Gore for certain theories, we are
as children, in the gloom.