Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cash for Visas Scheme

The place where the place is green. Green grass and trees bursting outward just so.

A language of contact.

President hated work.

Melt Your Cold Dead Heart

Writing only words, nothing else writes. Wind increases to time for words. Levels of light and feel wind attention. Today is yesterday for tomorrow, till we break the spell.

Because the Towns Between Us

The redwing blackbirds rise and shift in the wind: tell /that/ to the treasury. Expansive water remains as if ideas do not. Thought is sensed in clouds and no clouds. Geese honk, and that is a fact.  The swallow in the stiff wind executes amazing rationale, and other words. We sicken in times and redwing blackbirds sort. Geese in duplex honk. Sun provides difference, clouds bring assertion. The idea of just sitting is just sitting. Honk is the new yahonk.