Saturday, July 15, 2017

Scrambling Ensues

Nothing is not nothing, a standard reference to the exposed ledge the. The child town. And the trees steep green, and the sky an older blue. And the sun a mix of millions, all day, you are trading...

Such peppery instances write little letter and xplaain chewing gum We had a midnight lunch too after all the  it was blue o'clock the morning after  From: Joyce, James. “Ulysses.”
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hear Me Now For I'll Not Speak Again

A poem is loose famous, based on a town. Focusing the town newt Beginning. They listen in action town, children solution. No fair time four poem only, only human has a time. A quick ghost in future tours the program, like how a poem means meaning even if can't. That period lasted an age and ice.

If I swim then let me be, but
If I sink then
Pray for me.

Today's Widespread Panic Concert, Sans Banjo

The banjo is dead. Those included in banjo are dead. Inclusion is dead. Death is dead banjo dead. Its banjo is dead. The name of its death is dead. Name is dead. Its political act is dead. It sound like banjo but dead. It no time to be banjo. You must remain a rope with language and dulcimer. Only dulcimer live. All banjo dead. You are banjo, Donald Trump. Hurry up Donald dead,  untimely to dead still dead like words. You and banjo both. You is dead and you too.