Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gold-Plated Unicorn Bathroom

Donald emphasis phone told him. Today, at the end of tHe sentence, Donald tried move something. Everything was half words

Later Donald mapped no plan. Easily temper seek plot. Talk to phone again. All schedules lake miasma.

Emphasis phone rings the curfew of the told you day. Hello country lapping sound. Donald phone says happen to happen.

Knock on sentence too slow. Move lake forever with phone. Move phone forever chance of something.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello Telephone

 This is Donald trunk speaking
Trump speaking this is

I am in my office
In my telephone
Talking to the
O ther telephone
Hello Telephone

This is other Telephone
My Telephone
My talking Telephone
I have things to say
My Telephone saying
Your Telephone is
Shaped like glass
Telephone glass

I am also talking
Telephone talking glass
Telephone until
The tomorrow I talk about
Be my friend
Beneath shoe
And be great for my shoe
Like Telephone.

Goodbye Telephone today
I am talking not to you now

The best thing is when you can

Prep ending to be
The character of
Success, thinks store of folds,   Drilling the
Almost perhaps, you are here
As on almost
     Any planet

Open greenness, you
overly New donut pieces
of stupour, the brain president peyote , you can do no more
Listening to that

The last greenness remained welcoming even as /I would I would/,


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Favoured to Become

Longer ,

father died of
driving with every
later the end

Really don't and
raw for actual

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jared's Not So Sure

The Jersey
Shore oF land reaches daubs of .conclusion, new mattresses float to Sea, anti-avuncular partition Chris Christie lumps in sand, noise fills eternal with a sullen branch of sequestering waves, all daily time as a child, the news of infinite small, looking toward the lake of which the town, streamers of nation, an often laid end to end, with diacritical marks to offer effect, thus the nation to the people, small as small is small

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now is Out to Sea

Sentence of squirm presiding instead of debate, sartorial candle envelopes the pose of non-candle, something includes that which is about or honestly not.

When wealth as a verb strikes leaving knowns instead of nouns, barely a tree, words rhyming with saponic.

Not that a President includes, even a meadow can do things right in that balance of anything completing everything, but the lacking grass President settles in cave of chilling active prince of shape gelding the lily etc.

So hope becomes particle theory and the particles gather up.

Monday, July 31, 2017

WTF Old Pictures

I did a undergrad thesis
his earliest plays and
saw or read most other
every one too
soon for sure. It was the
righteous that came delete,
The useless town hall and maybe you would think
Upon a dust cloud House and senate tastes like
Future reams of paper. Stet.
Another's time a poem makes a hoRse
And that's so drama, correct, the city in the highway in the middle of the way.
Lurches simply to present
Fondant speech like
Gubernatorial misprisal. Thanks to you
Dear bunting, the elbow grease
Of menace.

Prince Pee-Bus of Course

Ethics Mommy migrant lady who only gym membership made look. For instance I'm quite honest JFK just seems happy just yet, I'll majestic initially nominate.

Keep him Tunis my Noel.   just committed huge and and for kooky moo. Job opportunity big injury problem more haggard than derived human fifth male of polio king. We're young much better but kind of fun.

Look, hyper keep may ferry her home Now and she have birth respectful nefarious gofer moody oomph despite kings oink.

Reince Priebus in Heaven (Production)

Hiking my sunshine pout vid. Pond water
and man is. And June, a huge news, Very
much minimum of only .    He Ok just
Rats . Don't let fear green, Gotta just going In.

Hyped . Keep . Umm. Fed. Look . Just .
Not ,    River    knows .  Just , kids making nightmare.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Talk of Many Towns

Hug imitate FBI agent jn bv said could ugh said how was kind humor for doggedly has had hands that have helped .  Just. Have. The best way.

The only problem

Jury has  The Eyes .   Else For Velez she elf from.  Or fork elf  my soda could have fogged up now you either the rimes. Dig.