Monday, August 14, 2017

Racism is Evil Amid Pressure

Freed on the paper of magic, time zone clouds lurk forever in the time taken, near the cat and table and the Unit States from America?

Cautionary tale or father, country, the price of pattern, lemming, serial logic of fallen exceptionally down, which is up and out of sight.

Thus tractors remember and those who got us here, by the sweet of their backslide proposition, no sentence too secure.

Inaugural Ball Audition Tape

Language like the dead, language talk maker quiet

Language offer hawk, landing thump on ground

Language caught the hole, now be thankful

Language like the idiot he is, language possibly a gauge

Language when the Big Sky cloud, planet of invective

Language in the town and children, what more can we do?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bleak Like Me, Redux

Never been a beginning but it makes sense. Vowels form around consonants, picking voice for words, in the dark language night. Same things are going on. Prodding often to make.  Same night same, for a voice of music or cold brick head. That bad headstone says nothing, presiding as it does as nothing. Period fixes sentence in stasis, in period. Nothing attends to nothing.

Language Poets, Stand Somewhat Tall

Useless when we say, /the kid is done/. Daring light in gravitional refusal, people posed as people. Lots of extract in the flavour rifle, which is just a language of doubt. Lotus says hi with embrace or erasure. Glisten for step, one step, one, one to go one. All the other words gone. Empty gone the only thing, in reference to, when referring, as of Language, now.

Wouldn't Have Recommended the Initial Response

It rushes two to sense of lasting one. The aperture broke. The harmonium in the basement, set at bleak setting.

The toss is unoriginal, and every word between, listening the last, the music. Chords for what?

Pressure resistance, precious insistence, a letter as ladder, reserve nothing for engagement. Nothing more than the conglomerate toss. Author of the pieces.

Trump Should Have Been Much (Processed)

TheHere is the back porch of the future.
Man is also woman, woman also man.
AND we also have divide.
And WE also have subject, which is object.
We say so, with accent on collateral.
We are not just one thing because one thing is alone.
We are included in what we don't know (Never
ate a surfboard?).

Mental while
children are the bending.
A terror is terrific for a while, a while, each
piece of the whole.

The studies show that the
studies do not show.
On Sunday, we. Later
on the weekday, the
normal. You have feet, I
have feet, we have feet
together. Boring

Imagine the plastic industry.
Produce conclusion.
Circulate doubt.
Welcome home.

We have tried the best of all.

Fighting Hitler for Nazis

I like my salute with
red pants and gorgeous
consequence bonded
to Language by fair
elder of the king. I am that
explicit as a
fortress in the pants of
just this second. I am
socks for the feast in
readiness, perfect for that
fraction. I am ready
to interpret how longer time
goes crazy, like plaid down
payment, after patience and
underpants. I am immediate
fudge tilling, moving moment of
letters all around.

After all
Language is
the same,
like you and not me.

Torch-Bearing White

Some way clearly
Interpose. Language
Makes Between
Sound open, studious
Stuff closed.

Music baying similar to
Baby by the hand.
The close becomes
Literate there. Fear invites.

Tarantula father died
A huge part. Poem
Faction leaders tried.
Someday soon doesn't
Work like that.
Your language gives
Till  now this time.