Sunday, September 3, 2017

Every Taylor Swift Song

Notice flax seed. It is terrible. It resolves into numbers and you are helpless. It grows in imagination, which lacks forgiveness. It seems so friendly, yet your roots run lack of plant. Your human bones feel like endlessness. You cannot forgive a seed, a tiny eternity, a spot of growing time in your weak eye. You cannot milk flax. It is thunder beyond sound, lightning beyond sight, anything beyond you. You are time's implicit reaction to no time. You will have to wait till no time wins, long after flax.

Aren't You Glad?

Language and town complete
last bill. Frequency benefit as of
why cry child?

Chatter of words broken
to belly ache, clock
on talking door. Door
frames opening to
not quite,
stall tactic average motion.

Licking tears compote via
word meaning not quite
word, when you get down to

Everything is it on Tuesday
with colorful phrases and
a taste for abject

The main assumption of Mary
turned to

Evil Kid Trope

Dear Walking Perhaps,

You are Past and when you justify. It is. Closing, like the end of fields. Grey is a matter of clouds or naught. Fluxion. TowaRds __ Rds become a way, or not even respect. How to gamble becomes first if not only. So.

So gentle town lacks real estate. A grayness involves cover. Today after, a sun day. Any daY prey. So what in the tribal blur, exemplary maximum of if function. Saying you means me,naturally. The town is tainted falls from only one space.

So later, after fall, these definitions of this.