Saturday, October 14, 2017

Big Sky Big Sky Big Sky

The Big Sky, like that, small
ground portion control. All
the every, release as matter.
Relive. Don’t let it get you
down. An only word
happened while you. You
were waiting in the sleep of
other moment. You down to
trust. Earning the livery
of engagement, one miserable
circle at a time. You can say it.
Do that prosper. That
 prospect arrival. That voice of
Sky Till Now. We are reasons in

a varying front.

Tarmac Meeting

Awesome language
loser machine in
red emergency
we have no.

Tu respond
Repointed galleries, looted
mayhem hashtag degree in
delete human empathy.

Unit singular idle theory
compost nihilism. Cannot make a
sentence. Structure averted
sad , Khadijah case

in form.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Regimen

 Clean out
vacuum, make
Wednesday Thursday, sweep
water up,wash
errands, project grass,
dust gift, sweep dishes, organize
dust, make today, plant
shopping, cut floor, get

Down By the Greenwood Sidee

Look at the stun and say something, the crowd of lurking cloud.

Causal clouds with simpatico relish. Brandished firing with
audible livery. Spoken piecemeal moment
sense. Lyrical unguents praise protocol.

We all envy music with it’s simple tree. Words are diaphragms.