Monday, October 23, 2017

Now They Are Preparing to Go Home

the perfect idea that no one else, please is something circular enabling a blasting false logical premise (hello modern mine), the muse of scorbutic cried call Amazon rain forest, too ill to go On,

The name brand of choice, in the moral sense, is danger modified by you cannot be more than me, tin ear, like a traveling globule of I am someone, or alone, or empty till unemptied, jungles meant for more,

Leaves really transit, After Language and such as province, when thinking in time, 

A poem 

is matted and arrayed anyone
Can tell
Language was here
Once maybe
Only once

And the precursors
Who we are
Want more than 

After that

Approach Care Fully

Dear Occasion,

Do you remember brown? It was fog one day. And the day, it held children in the air, sweetly, with tributes of energy and release. We who are older, no fault to us, stood, let ourselves be seen, smiled. When we said “Okay”, we were loud but right. Then we readjusted. Tomorrow becomes a panoply.

Brown became, rightly enough. We who oversee understanding like trickles. The scape, that sense, was tomorrow full of blooms. Blooms of Wattage, exult, wastage, light light light, and the trees. 

Now we say now, each of us in this vice. Now the tender orange memory, the leaves without chlorophyll, or time registered as rebate. Today the temperate example means fog, and the elevation of query. Process processes, what else would words do? We do what the words say. You have been this moment. Today. Thank you for every,


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Everything Else Can Be Replaced

Mined unbelievable. Listen  much friends, Toaster ovens are sky. The blitzkrieg fabulous was wine couNtry with tear drops. Framework and elephants, those who remain. Story is Bullet feed, with the extraction of Elevator music, telling the brook to gambol. Legend language sorTS Out full deplete, with answerable misdemeanour. MAN is the only? The Education Department has rescinded 72 policy documents that with disabilities of the Trump to eliminate it deems.

Creampuff War

Don’t let the Trump
the least stretch. Invent coffee instead.
The light of energy goes. 
Forward. To keep the moving moment.
Not.  Stopped.
Listen to music Once. A drum is important at
The moment. You need advice.
You need splendid not the last.
Daze. Talking like talking.
Works. A poem crafts

A bite of tea.