Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Need Pachelbel in the Senate

Progression states facts loosened rock on slopes the variable of  noise and we

Apart with selfless drift of sand more potable than a spring of own

Casual murk on the topic salient loosened pebble in the falling

A strange of After Language in the real sloping side of daily

Anything returns of simple snow rain sun dexterity

That the pattern says the pattern creates the stone and slope and all the way

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Process of Surrogacy

I am the friend of olive oil, all oil, all olive, all entities and visions of oil and olive, until truck stop, simulated deli, cheese in the life of freshness, an apple called Gertrude,  emphasis on dull remarks, and any Friday, despite people who mean to

Monday, December 4, 2017

A President Can’t Even

The historical Alexander talked Aristotle down, down linchpin or whatever, down spooky, down Human ultra, down the lengthy fields of national, down the enduring club, down the entrails of bringing the best. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Find the Corner

Wear shit anger brother. Wear the nose hair lady gay. Wear if the drop of stupid feeds the tempus. Let Meaning total. The reef succumbs to water. What is more than your name, still brother? What is the f of your functioning alphabet? It is a fair question, just like demos, villains of ordinary. So the When said closes open with stonewall willing. Fly away, fly a way.

Looking Up at the Big Sky

Phlobos, god or goddess, protean helper app, awesome citadel and non-variable, the closing argument when faced with: may all the basalt variables register get to, in the glum pump of you don’t understand, playing Apollonian vibe while detente. Listen up, goddess or god that sentence, drum with period, help us in the preamble. There were words and what now. I wanted Tax-free religion, said the cow that tastes good. Such such is the beginning of such is the beginninG.

Embedded Systems at the Technical

abundant grey but only a
sky feature, word after word. a hill
centre invites, yet sentence is a 
defenestration colliding
whim with the worship of
just that moment, action.

worried onset of further
morning, gulls maybe in the
sea wash of familiar time.

action releases ocean.

humans invent trAnsistors, to ensure in the moment a moment.