Sunday, June 25, 2017

Same Old Man

If the tiny drop of life means or can in various imperatives like roads going hard if when approached and life is a larger news and isn't subject matter if teased in in shivering at a loss if then this is only a total rabbit in youth form where is the water for the seeding ?

AHCA When Jesus Was Alive

Read book title page no
Sir not flammable he'll

1) you to be bunny see hopelesstar road and well you human in a cloud the day

You seem Needing seeming little bunnyroadside

All road shopping lead to roam but bunny bunny after rainstorm or truck truck, nation

Seat of little in the league of big, natural predation class politic stoop

People I. Their languagelittle bunny

Gravity of bunny life little bunny place

Canticle include pavement, bunny

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Young Man is Reported on Plenty Street, Part 2

The last sentence was not clear
I think that they should be able to see
A huge part of me today is the way I look
The only problem is that it takes forever
I don't know why but it's a huge part of my  sunshine

Shrinking White House

YOU could at least light,
it work any us, sprite of
we are, thinking
something something

Softcore LoserbrainCan't Miss MeetinG

What the Mitch McConnell town
Lower down without simple tonnage
but tractors hellbent on erasing
That fractured status stone
soup for the grey over Bear toss
another of leadership, throwback.

Someone is no one Till anyone, looking over grass to see expanse of future becoming fields where parking is constant gravely Sent pattern you are there there is her, here is Mitch, you can't expect says he

Friday, June 23, 2017

1968 Democratic National Convention For Laughs

Kick then in blue casting over
industrial landscape let
Waters wash and town elude see
plain and for the current Dawn
As avenue see
moments off the clouds and
kick them out kick them out kick them

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Kingdom of Dimes Remembers Pay Phones

Topic sentences shall now be removed from consideration. Yes, the Muslims are counted, named, decided in this land and time. We all have reflective penchants and pop. A goring by a bull takes little time, the timely execution of mistreat settles matter.  Matter avails the timeless poem, word by word, till you, start, to, believe each, word tries, together.