Saturday, March 17, 2018

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Landing Page, Thou art the beginning, the meet and greet. Thou offer the option of pressing flesh, inviting fan boys and fan girls, their progeny, their ultramarine sky where we believe. Thou instigate and comfort, knowing. Analytics say exactly and Thou, Thou provide. And wunst we land, all is forgiven. Earnestly we, who seek, thank Thee as a preparation and advance. Thou open doors to new doors, vast doors, unreproachable doors. And Thou hast the door to doors forever, which is almost a long time. Thou leadest us to the furtherst door, and all that that may say. Click here for further information.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

News Will Be Transient For Toy Makers

let us plan on numbers and occasional numbers. bold numbers could be planets for emporia. large numbers could hopefully for daily dead. the dead are significant in utter stop but wait. the entire number is more than the occasional one. we are tolled. the will of the economy is home and home again. walk to the late end of anything fresh. that date, that number, that paved prefix, that occasional number and morass. stuck on things, tentative fetching and then, more occasions in which number means meaning. life is a number both past zero and behind it. we count by way of no, the inexhausting step for occasion no more. hear is a poem by way of there was a poem.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


lurk colors of
spinning air
currents bringing
something up
plodding in

Wind is 
Jared kushner jarred

The Aztec fell

Monday, February 26, 2018


the delicate
nation.. .

all bobs of head
approval in the
go ahead reign
while mist of
practice swears
a legion
temperature of
of advance
the queasy
instant follows
the logical
upset while
the town
roasts for sunlight
trades ever
for never
in the maximal
thin line
of time
here is
a plain
west and
explaing years
president fit


Sunday, February 25, 2018

we are as when

the moment
certain chotds
lurk in my phone

i shout and scream
for the way please
situate for the way

please let us have
the phone
we could meet

at your meeting
we will have a great
and blessed New market

all day and let me know
what time works
close as possible

for the house
and tell the

people that are going

Auto Parts

this don't forget about
putting it on

this don't work too hard

this'll be amaze
this'll be there at
about the house
on a date

ramble on my end but
the way please

led Zeppelin for your help and
we will have a lot

we could meet up on the market

my name is on my desk

After Words

the phone guys who have
been here since your last name
realize that that
phone number is blue

take a look aroundmajority rules for
your patience your
animals feel tidal

your viscous
sentimental value is blue
blue something
to do with
folk disappear

many sailors  and

broken sailors