Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Polite Gasping in our Town

rain could not
the last place
the little trail

abundant rain
dire pictures of

every word seems
like a rock 


a continent 
within that breeze
lifting grass
into time
a momentary 
cool under
the grey impact
of complete clouds
while sound of wind
settles to a
tune and
in this together 
our words

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wind Increases the Staying

Ocean looks bigger
for all our
troubles. Grey of days
gives orange from
green like life. Light
passes thru
verdant meaning
like the asking
moment. Trees become 
envy just by
being. Every meaning
ends in light
today. Today ends
every day, the leaves
just turn again.

Invisible Towers in the Town

Saturate sun
explains nothing
but everything is
involved. What
nation does
that make? Tempting
wind in the
declining word.

Treasured Alluvial Vent in Time

keen wind
blusters the
serial sea

note good gulls
enriched by
current lack of
death in
the moment

colours charge
in sequence
blows the wind 
in change 

Exiled to U.S.

The great
United States
like something
in the air
as process
and procession

listless wave
on wave thru
daze and nights

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

As Dawn Alights

settle now
for an ocean
a duo
with registered
and even the sport
of rain
is training
in the sun