Monday, May 21, 2018

A List of Words

It begins with a
scanning of light,
a settlement of
words. The lightly fracture of
Bird sound begins in
the office of seeing. Not
sentiment but
sense, as cool as
Green in the
Early days. Pasture resists
nonpasture, no one
Refers to none. All remains
including nothing. Morning
Is belief and there simply
there. Tides go

freshly to the point.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

In the Citadel

the world exaggerates numbers and town, filling slightly

pastures remain quiescent, with perfect examples and so

today begets tree again, the idea assumes textures and
the settled town does not become an example of
little birds, other otters

whispers within trees extend patience, produce helium

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Ganglia um Base

Race is the toy
class action that
makes the ask 
of telltale 
corrupt mob boss
status clearance
language in a glass

cryptid exploit

new sums arrived

I Know What It is Like to be Dead

the middle begins
when the start buys
in all right
the problem
program do your
best Lose bitter heart
the pure elephant 
that cannot go beyond
the smack hunter gun
trophy I know
what it’s like
to be dead

Everything Was Right!

The Brunch and Tackle Shop

That leaf
flexed upward
in the tail of
a car space
which becomes the reason 
every word is


The Institute of Ants Rhyming with Pants

As cannot know the field
with yield and
All rhyme plucks
serious incursion from
Happenstance but
The believable world forces
Opulence in sound and
Sound in meaning so that
Oh time the
Harts run from the dogs The
dogs are tunes and
Mystery fits a teacup Now
why are Poems so?

Monday, April 30, 2018

That's the Fall of Falling

I went into a town called Listening.

the green was very stern.
roots told ages of brown dirt that dreamed of soil.
clouds were settled and blunt.
topics were incremental, like human entrophy.
pink orange and red tried to murder the ensuing coast.
stop lights weren't reasonable.
the collision between prices included people.
anything viable went stutter.
elegiac became the patio.
the town had rights and left.
suddenly somebody is nobody better than the time it takes to say so.
parklands went distribe, and fluffy animals.
toil was expressed as words.
words were expressed as downtown.
children flew famously to ponds and irrigation ditches.
limply laden modes of viewing simply simply.