Sunday, June 17, 2018

Epic Romanza

Gilgamesh the biting
land, slanting in the sunrise
made better. Learning that
that in sentences of
deep, piling swimmingly
thru wronged tones.

Enkidu bats left throws
left is left out, sentimental
day. Day bellows of
applauded death,  inlet

Violet causes
morning opening
sentences. Uruk or
Erech to make the
the the, geologic
distinction right
on certain stones.

Trails cross non-trails
in right human form
constant human form
tower human form
river human form
ranting human form, 
amidst gods of an age
of gods of an age
at any human age 
of curious lights
in the sky of
any human night
and need and

just in time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Another Pass

past dawn into
blue sky, recognize it
as day floated thru
dawn call
it morning.


then birds from even and
until, tribal rights of course.

the spleen of even that
denature, sputter polis.

remains of the day after
the after all.

we can tribe the town
together, as symptom of Words.

together that is.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Burning Betsy DeVos

each century of colour enforcing the narrative blue sky dawn happened in little language,

to the point of reading of and the little words in child colors.

a) the resistance includes the wood fence around the town.

b) the purpose includes the moment of daffodils, and fondness.

circles bay in perfection but offer no morning clearer than the fresh dance of sentence colors.

of includes centers and wheelwrights that apostrophize natural instinct and Word gallop.

sleep conveys non-sleep so that we may include the colour of dawn.

looping engenders new math to the point of slight purple in the rosy dawn fingers.

this penny applies to the children.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Teenager from Iowa

at the beginning of the
hay dawn grey red
and trees,  each
word becomes particular
and trees.

union presides
in the effort for the
going children.

ink was makes town, and
people people.

serious dew compels as
cloud begins and
simple split light.

various other things include
shadow such
words have never been

the pasture includes the
same children that have been

Human Time seems lively.

possible threshold

the new rich running time in particular

whirld by edges in the discreet tree

features and favour by soft motions

the strict and seeming river elevates the moment behind the time

the concept of time believes you are human

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Local Word for Morning

the pure remark of
just even morning
voiced not in
vowels but
some even murk
unhanded in the
even slew of
water in the sky
gently not even
meaningly just
saturated in
the way even
today begins again

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Make This Healthy Chicken Curry

This town
with its pieces and
film. Trade wars ape
guerilla, vacate
starting line. Dawn
becomes elaborate
junction in
trip. Let us present
ourselves to reigning
why don’t we 
monarch with some
complex she They he it
will fund with
connection. Surprise 
The word, decrees
the sort who
would. We are the
custard pine appreciation