Sunday, July 23, 2017

Even Tho You Know What You Know

The candle of lightning poured in delete to provoke firm so, Titus Roman polis, dead pool. Those who have been on edge will be able to steamy haze. Why don't we sing this song all together.

New Missile Production Line

Write a poem. Produce dolor with green and red then remove all adverbs. Cycle back to wanting then remember. Forget that you remember. Include bobbleheads then remove all features..  Stick your toes  into distribution.

Start again but include ninja on the roof except not really. Who has time? Ratfink effect of total bobblehead. Write a poem now, you need the advice.

Know Your Ordinary.
Avoid Long View.
Avoid Things.
Use Stone.
Use Metaphor and Simile.
Use Sentimentality Words Instead of Abstract Words.
Communicate Paradise.
Subvert the Rose.
Avoid thankful..
Use katana or club.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Does He Like Butter Tarts?

Can I pardon myself? Asking for a friend.

Rock sharp with ever, the congressman flying upside down.

Likely green instead of oodles on your own.good enough for bear.

Treacle traded from below to the edge, everything that was young. Just don't think you can.

Keep bursting with your heart when your back will come to you.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

From the Other Direction

On the of that music rinse wind
Then cloud, 47 miles of barb wire, lamp posts outside each distance

Legion rat Preside.  One such that the child, the
given older frame in the nation tease. That exert
that in thee, end.

He will bring happiness
In the pipe. That the weird edges
reverberate in such
words. Caustic as chance, flummox. The back beat going,

Everything was left behind. The last thing is the same.
I am not allowed on my own side. Stop being so young.

Fly by a river and a young moon. Captain high
At your service. To end this poem
Beginning. Dirty
On her Harley wearing her hair on a tree.

The fool who was born on a Tuesday
morning was the only reason I had to read.

Let's drink to the salt of the water/, said the young, in general. The stay at home

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Scrambling Ensues

Nothing is not nothing, a standard reference to the exposed ledge the. The child town. And the trees steep green, and the sky an older blue. And the sun a mix of millions, all day, you are trading...

Such peppery instances write little letter and xplaain chewing gum We had a midnight lunch too after all the  it was blue o'clock the morning after  From: Joyce, James. “Ulysses.”
This material may be protected

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hear Me Now For I'll Not Speak Again

A poem is loose famous, based on a town. Focusing the town newt Beginning. They listen in action town, children solution. No fair time four poem only, only human has a time. A quick ghost in future tours the program, like how a poem means meaning even if can't. That period lasted an age and ice.

If I swim then let me be, but
If I sink then
Pray for me.

Today's Widespread Panic Concert, Sans Banjo

The banjo is dead. Those included in banjo are dead. Inclusion is dead. Death is dead banjo dead. Its banjo is dead. The name of its death is dead. Name is dead. Its political act is dead. It sound like banjo but dead. It no time to be banjo. You must remain a rope with language and dulcimer. Only dulcimer live. All banjo dead. You are banjo, Donald Trump. Hurry up Donald dead,  untimely to dead still dead like words. You and banjo both. You is dead and you too.