Monday, July 16, 2018

Marcy Says

Let go, Children
of the Father’s
land, the day of
glory has arrived
against us.

Of the tyranny, the
bloody flagon of
tyranny rises, rises,
let it go.

Children of the fatted
land, the standard flagging 
bloody land, the flagon
of the land has arrived.

raise the flagging

land and rise.

Perhaps the Best god is War Itself

The town of lefting or nor right, eager town. Town envelopes like only fog. No genius. Red things called light blue in the sky, right now ( your tomorrow). However! You love how the names fit.

A tropical town called Vietnam sorts chords, dysfunction. This is the melody of breathing, or innate American government. The fake sideburns on the commanding face illustrates the news.

A precious sentencing follows the logic of men on fire, sort of uncomfortable. If you were colored like the smoke of burning rose, you would not be dawn but the only field forgotten. Who do you love?

In your town, the fence.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


brat praxis vies with? Yet
snorkel thing in the
imagine, trailing
possibly with
opulent data.

tide now
down the beech in
envelope Branch. sleep becomes
frame, and sun
sun, we are sure.

a period completes
the thought, the
first completed
thought in the

age of sun.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Starting the Requiem

eek, the roses
in studio town, the
the of
every sentence, then
too the mere mention,
human broken machine

momently stone
in the reach
pathway, sporting
chance, the flowers
are now daisies

resistance becomes
a parting of ideas,
ocean blown, verb

the children of
the fatherland

come see

Making Racism Great Again, Your Toolbox

Which minute are you?

1) Topic sentence from mud
2) Spotty vacation racism sentence
3) Spots of sentence racing
4) Cardiovascular sentence
5) Topic sentence posing
6) Slotted in sentence sentence 

when you shoot an elephant
in the garden of Vietnam, it
changes the town of purpose

Certain Relevant Facts:
Air the trees,
Analysis of Janis Joplin history,

as that

blue apple grape

great racism
maKEs great
and you are not
a treehouse 
or a tree

Majuscules Became Important and
how great is that!

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Gulf of Talking

A little
Is original, missing
persons, missing
faCts. pointed talk.

a LOt becomes
spotted, left
under wood, 
VArious day.

then too the
VIETNAM that, the
Vietnam then.

(include one o’clock 
and OTher figurative 

numbers, hombres.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Better Camera Experience

Lost words framed in
Vietnam the movie toy
surrounding the pride a
young of any just

clearly the words
Have beEn used before a
plenipotentiary town

Frolic Forth like know-it-all
Framework the
telephone call arrives
By electric stages

Fitting symbolic
Political system time

includes No time at all.