Thursday, May 23, 2019

Suspicious Circumstances were Reported

recent words of
language were
released but
not as poetrybut
as the Poets thinking
poem words as
label words in
blocks of human
complex where
in poem
includes not even


Dr Language at the Table

Each word dared
For a time
In no place
But anyway

Then language
On the edge
Of now Or
when The
words make sense

Which makes no sense

Any poet
Ill at ease

At their word

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Language of Language

Studiously language
defines an event, The
firings of the
neurons could be
viewed as an array
of Excerpt 

Conscious of the Present,
Conscious of the Past, This
material may be
protected by copyright

“under the table] as
lighter than that one, You
might imagine this
is because this strip
[the block From Vision
and Memory Is
there anyway 

**We have tried to

call you back **

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Language Poets File for Free Agency

The biggest words
Exist in language, the
Biggest language
Exists in words. Words
Exit and existIn big moment 
That does not exist.
It is the poetry of language
That it be there
When it is not. When
Language Poets are there 
There is no point,
Only place. They are where
They make there there, or
Where there could be
Hey if languages were fair.

When Language Poets First Wore Pants (A Salute)

language isn’t even
the Language Poet
explains. the
dulcet peach is
never peach
in anyone’s book, no
book is even
language. the
Language Poet
explains. the peach is
merely language with no
hook or book,
a book is half a peach
at most or
not at all, not
not until the
language says so. political 
language in the 
Language Poet’s book
is only half a peach

in a Language Poet’s book.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Everyone Loves Ron Silliman, Language Poet

as suicides
rise, why every
cyclist needs
cheap, brutally
Global internet

run out for the dog 

we have tried 

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Language Poet FranchiseeS

**Work man**
**man  Language
capita espresso **

Language lettuce
spare** Language
Golgotha pod**

**Language Poets
let us down**in the
meat of  **(Germ
waves from affronts,**
regal ware** of
when the felt the
lofty tiers

**The Language Poets he**
**enabled the he end of enabling **

**Ambition plastics **
Formulated for
State of state