Saturday, February 17, 2018

Here Are the Tweets

the opulence of these days
shifts the entire
planet and
the words settled between
each. news favours
the lilt
of examination
in child form, straight to
wondering. actual people
exist. clocks perform
radical distress while
modular explanations create
boundaries. perplexity funds
expression. no answer
continues the
sentences, only
sparkly sparkly
what. in exchange for the
presumptive practice, the entire
global congress seeks
buttery softness and
telecom. ritual produces
lengthy wince and richest
forgetting. children then
and now see a city
out of surge and sentiment and
look at the moon butting
clouds until the
sun butts clouds.

Is Humanity Ready?

for the nation of
of lost things
of statute as
and bungalow
rules of
sentence as
structure of
of scanting
and demograph of
pooled of
of Some


Friday, February 16, 2018

I Feel Fine

who put all these
tHings in your
review like
Word? Bank
sentence beginning with
harmonium. Leaping
Edifice faction
a partial town. The residue
Of cleaving political
Leaving. Why don’t we
sing this song
all together. Why don’t we 
Earn this town the
Children. radical influx of
Denatured NAtion. Random
respects attenTIoN. The scout
Of all function.Opens
Our heads. Why don’t we
Sing this song. This the
this, song the


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Does This Reach?

The rectangular slab which constitutes the uppermost element of a column capital exudes growing debate in tune with labyrinth rock. Tendrils meet tendrils in the earth, trees remain sore. Ice participates in non-ice factors, the life of indication. So Waves in undulant refrain, and portals glowing for the tune. Our hands seem reasonable in the cool light. We have this time and this is the time. Words will finally fly.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

2018’s New Emoji

to the moon of seen things
and sentences enjoying that
place of got time, to the place of
wilding reading, to the place of
town with children gaining
light times, give joy or a
curate come to speak
words fined and darted, words
plain and return, words
without the city plans but
sighted in the

midst of us

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

All Politics is Local or Faraway

I didn’t realize
America was
so far away
collected in
memory the
Beartooth Mountains
from the
language like thought
in misery of
politics going on

from afar

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Day of a Word

Winds blow cold in the dawn of climbing. The hill before the morning steadies in veil while the townsfolk—they invented Plymouth Rock—their sleep is a pasture. The deeds of lurking and obsession still the rivers, rivals campaign. The hill is bare of knowledge, Cold in token. Death becomes the faction of seed while snow remains cold. No farmstead bursts into bloom tho burning homes are known. No one can see the hilltop now, only choices for a simple day. The language of this fits everyone, in testate and loss.  The even stones become clear as words upon a bough. The hill is an afterthought of sunrise.