Friday, December 3, 2021

Charged Capacity to Surge

 StrataSpace 4 becomes immediate in our story of forward and up. Understand the logical evolution as slogans expand into the wet rain of patter gathered in sound. The logical in crisp white avenue waits so virtue can be seen as the assonance it has become. The further being bestrides Trope the Rhinoceros for flair. The new level must follow older, to say that three looks not as much as four. Wandering becomes time. Time could become complete if team, we ourselves, team. Language is the other half of nothing more to say. We reflect the sun’s nonsense with forthright equation. Dollars are doughnuts in the endlessly final end. A cool shadowy pool of water in a time.there where somewhere is.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Space of Next Step

 Fire up your pods! Action is designated. Resituate to StrataSpace 4 (later chapters will speak further). The revolutionary moment bears like Tiger. Be sure to ingest appropriate nutrients such as fit for this class of struggle. We have identified the Go Moment, as eagles dive. The vast enclosure before us speaks to blockade, stones in passway. Engines of struggle must meet this moment. We are the energy we are, less the shackles they are. Remit heroism with vision. The future is yesterday and poorly read. We ask for nothing more than nothing more. Pods in the sky, joined in joining. Mechanisms functioning, stars still stars. No future but has happened before, until now. Portals to where portals, because thriving can still matter. Join in the joining before now is the next then, creatures of Union. The space is next.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Fun Quiz About the Glorious as of Today

 Explain to hungry listener in always so many words how fun Culutural Revolution in People’s Republic in this future day

  • The Culural Revolution of People’s Republic fun because people can be rocks and stones for bulwarks even as listening to clear-eyed speech of brilliant untroubling Leader who is language itself
  • History listeners never stop listening to the bulwark vision of true fun revolutionary rocks and stones refusing aggregate nonsense of bourgeoisie and their hopeless shoes
  • Ramparts bring happy fun to the fortress of worker in field harvesting nourishment to the Revolutionary Banner built from the sky down to proletariat hero in field or happy factory
  • Cultural Revolution alludes always to the shouting fun of proletariat dedication in fields and factories with staunch rocks and stones remorselessly fun exalting fun itself to the very minute for all who strive in firmest verbs
  • Cultural Revolution cannot be more fun as the sunrises of future everyday for the unevading dialectic that plants the seeds of future in today’s new day held in the stalwart hands of the Revolution’s fun
  • The fun Cultural Revolution holds hands with fun proletariat sand factories for the never perhaps future of work and glory like crushing bourgeois cars
  • The fun Cultural Revolution lasts eons every minute filling buckets without talking or showing fancy shoes
  • The hope of last minute fails to outshine the future now in hand with a mighty mute language peopled by people’s hopes for more future today
  • Riches of the West bear no fun but heavy cars in the fractious streets and special shoes instead of resounding leader in the clearness of high speech to the thriving masses of fun Cultural Revolution party heroes
  • The Cultural Revolution remains fun for all abstaining wicked bourgeois adjectives praising only the difference between idle shoes

Monday, November 29, 2021

Even Tho Numerous

language se
cures dolmen
to place. Peoples
of proud,
rightly so. Trees
of people ex
pect. Varied
angles and planes
for beginning
and end. Sway
people true. When
legs of society,
then. Perfect pict
ure ex
ceeds logic.
Simple dolmen.

Friday, November 26, 2021

The Fun Book of Chairman Mao

 Hope worker like

This straight line.
Each word property
Is people property.
From the way
Is for listing.
Startle until
Not startle.
Invisible benefits
Too many people
Aren’t people enough.
Number four
Will not be retained.
Today is just.
Another yesterday.
Tomorrow makes
The vacuum right.
Workers are works
Of working.
Continue listening
Until right now
The people.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Questions Question, Should Questions Seem

 What if pants were labeled pants?

Can moping mean moping?
Is the child ever there?
Will the city see its citizens?
Having ranged can one unrange?
Does a question end with a question?

Ponder these questions as you walk thoughtfully to town the green haze of trees and bluish something for sky and meanwhile music and birds or a raft of a chosen river perhaps a window carries a mood the salt of somewhere and a tingle that lifts a proper noun and the sounds becomes a course the indices vary axiomatic questions light on surfaces parole is but a word

Of Particular Note

 Words are


a rowboat
is just
a pond 

spring from words 

words spring from
and do so
tho a lobster
or oak
and a lot of

the oafish a
mong us
low down 

a word is
not part of
just some

state their
as words 

as heard or
read the
words be
gin to see 

makes the