Friday, May 29, 2020

Re ain Empty, the Gases Refill

Join Robespierre and his jolly vision. Ticket and dial with Danton. Lend Lenin a hand in hand with the vital clouds. Stay wise with Stalin’s beak. Stranger tongues than Trump’s have told us. Pol Pot ranked each new year. We have rewritten the synthesis, it is all safe to release. Proud cannon never lies. In the polish of dawn, righteous shit remains. Staywith your canned heat, Invictus . The outside spreads like fancy.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Certain Times

Protons pumped
Into the thylakoid
Space with my
ignorance in this
Parcels lumen pass
continuous aqueous
Rondeau fit for
that hall of
really Nice
light dependent

Memorial Day, Aorta

one space
only remains
between any
two spaces
and each space
fears the distance
between the only
two that are
one time
and one place
and any word
made is
one place away

Monday, May 18, 2020


Advanced galliard troops stEp
Klondike collision while cold
makeS warm look hot 
Farsi remembrance isolaTes
Exceptional verbs for doing
In the piecemeal sun reflection
glockenspiel reneges On caprice
Whilst ownership tunes
aliterative mayhem 
The exact branle amongst the lord
And lady brand mulcts compost
For the brawl To remember.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Fossil Stand

the town of  
squalor large  
religious Toads  
the kind that you  
and bands  
of light  
straying from  
dead stars  
why not  
in the merch  
of gloom  
invent tentacles  
of expediency  
by which  
coal for dinner  
in the land  
of doubt  
why not  
meanwhile utter  
meanwhile expedite  
with hoarse  
approach in  
in language so  
rare like freebies  
in the sun  
why not just  
lunge dumpster  
fretting leafy  
matter in  
the conjunction  
of turpitude  
with sweet spot  
the light load  
of real  
impatience with  
the way the way  


Shapes of Things

We say so much in the under. Mirrors are dense like mirrors. Control stands for likely. We have the means. Lines. A chain varies the tension. Now is the time, spoken fruitlessly. Any automatic will do for some people. The polis is leaded. Shadows drive the alongingly narrow. Space is the new pasture, cattle remain current. State is the practice. Sheepishness stoutly denies the lasting. The cheek turns the other. This government after all. If we cannot dream in sentences, just give us a word. Today today today today, like any day tomorrow.