Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bulb Time

how can the earth show patch of light in drone colours?
fasting of earth while plump bulbs settle into soil for the winter of living.

bold nestling bulbs, with flowers inside, steam heartlessly at this time.
beaming tidal bulbs, wolfish with radiance, tho lines are drawn.
kindled, metaphysical ramparts of bulbs, that hire dreamy lords and ladies to laugh at the sundered remains of the exquisite action.
busted impulse bulbs, squiring the rest of show season into clear relation.
born bulbs seething with your gulf.
trackless bulbs of feral aroma, prancing into Christmas chess game while Lindsay Lohan pukes new moon.
righteous endless bulbs that cannot save, leaving nothing but sleep for the reasonable amongst us.

and a poem only owns a tone or two, then shutters down to the dark.

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