Sunday, March 9, 2008

Practicing Worcester Logic

The people of Worcester begin with numbers. They begin. They speak in places called cathedral or hallway, and they write home. Home bellows in capitals, like this: HOME, because a place is there. HOME is a function of Worcester, but in a way related to the pressures of position and the dynamics of time. There is always time for HOMES.

• Lake Huron
• Lake Ontario
• Lake Michigan
• Lake Erie
• Lake Superior

Actually, Lake Ontario is Lake Omaha, and we have a little story, completing implication with a stroke. Listen, my friends. The winds were wild if not pleased, perhaps bringing a tornado to kill 94 people, all of whom significantly lost, we believe. Daniel Gookin petitioned to have the town's name officially changed from "Quinsigamond" to "Worcester." However, its inhabitants were still vulnerable to attack. History had already occurred, but it seems like more is available. It all comes HOME. The town was again abandoned by all its English inhabitants except for Diggory Sargent, who was later tomahawked.

Worcester by the shore of all those lakes, and memory, guarding stakes for future…

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