Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Purple and Yellow, Read

Sunrise flows over the slump of earth. Pressing sward becomes the vocable of the next sentence. Dreamy modern nights skew the season into interest and capaciousness. It all settles as theory, deeper than a lake.

A lake conveys the sense of towns floating into clouds. Those breezy loosestrife that purple the marshy way blur with past sunrise and may do so again. Statutes of goldenrod begin their intention to fade, simplicity is the canon. The rosy sun, gifted with maximum, engulfs the mending mood of this engagement. It is morning when you see this.

Sunrise flows into the mood of setting. The day begins a sentence with scruffy beat. Tuned cars and traveling folk dilate with deadline. A cup of coffee, never forgotten, slays the literal details of resistance, just as the marsh exudes another stratum of elegiac memory.

Now a sentence, slumped with poetry, inters a slighting seed. Each word, posited and passing, becomes the best love possible. Syllables gently nurse the options, and tremendous season sends a flake of cloud.

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