Monday, December 1, 2008

Words Great as Tributary

We sleep in going marsh, but particularly include clouds. Clouds are wrench fist and then mountaintop. Top is peak, the roof of wisdom, until all that air beneath the feet brings down along a radiant enterprise. I love is the phrase upon nowadays and intended. I love, graceful italics, the union of pleasant and past. given the marsh, and expression database of mountaintop, and the cool phrase of coming days, we can welcome, love, our beneficent approach. We will help where we can, then stack phrase on phrase. Sentences are for anyone, brilliantly. We will find the stream, that runs from the snow, that plumbs the downhill mountain extant, and there we trail. This is our rate and panting. A tributary vets the river, river vets the sea. All mountain lifted in cloud then looking across the way at the next mountaintop, next tributary. All foxes frame a story of foxes. All mountains likewise. People have words. Words are great.

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