Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Classic Poem Is Brought Down

The dog comes to Worcester, prepared for inevitable death. Snow falls with a ranch dressing insistence. Those Doritos flavoured with ranch dressing ignite the imagination. All Worcester crowds to ideal. It is a dog, in the snow, that has never been forgotten. What reason flakes from the sky, to bring such ranch dressing, Doritos, and dog together?

Climate changes are carefully arranged in dogma. This dogma creates an installation. Dog is favoured. We remember that a dog, period. More is underneath, but not to be told. It is a variation of music of which, now, as the snow falls.

The dog cannot become. Death is only part of the Town because Worcester is like glory, only in moments made public and useless. Someone plays guitar. It fills the night sky, or the ultimate arrangement of noon, which consists of pizza and dreams of ranch-flavoured Doritos. No one wants that.

The next verse decides our fate. The dog is dead. The cat almost eats a mouse but the mouse knows better. Escape is prepared by inattention. The cat drops all marvel and the mouse times literature to the point. When mouse leaps, too perfect. And while snow falls, people of Worcester control more roads.

New roads were made, ones that equated wilderness with west, east with the rest, and safety as an inconstant philosophic position. Others--that is, other people--satisfied nebulae in astonishing universe but looking up. Still invent ranch dressing and Doritos. Thus falls our logic. Registered, days and weeks, the town hall of Worcester bodes as scientific control.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Precious Drone of Worcester

Precious Drone of Worcester

piper at dawn, green
dire engine (we need
the word
dire), people
stain people in
city of WORCESTER, with
a guidance of hope
called weather until
vague teasing in
ice of new age,
data comprises people
and their inveighing
the sediment
of real rocks and
tonal assonance brings
waters of several
lakes together,
to drink with native
vigour, to live in the wooded
farness, brusque about
Boston, civil notion, which is a
several or beneath
(or above, like
swirling gulls), the
nestled thinking
in great and good
minds sandwiches in
hazards of growth,
fear being an
excellent logic, suitable
for a trial of
aiming, of
of registering,
of conditioning,
of assimilating
syllables and last
words (beautiful
need grows
to see, Jonathan
Williams agrees to die
at a certain age (he was a
poet), he must have grown
in Worcester, with the
harbour master, with
the famous rickshaw, with
the terrible mountains assuming
no human distinction, pleas
surface amidst this
mess, people listen
for pipers at green
dawn, waves of fish
swirl into meaning, meaning
prepares a boat, boat
asseverates a lake, lakes are
partial seas, seas
break us, sky films over
with one idea or another,
and the poem at the end
hides a word, tho
any word
would have done

our next social lesson
is offline