Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Position of Idyll Repair

In this rain, these crests of trees flip with famished response. These trees, our own, set tone. Water rolls the streets to marshes, marshes are set. A word sets on every point of the travelogue, even as the grey clouds lift three inches, just to impress. Stevens, the greatest poet in corpulent times, dares to drink a martini. His children, thousands of them, settle in petals. Leafy daydreams sputter thru the window. There is an image left behind, one that dazzles with last humour. A backache becomes the essence of New Hampshire, and ripples of auroras castigate sameness as the discussion turns on a jet. What does language do when everyone is quiet? A dusting of rain thru the day and into morning a baroque event, no doubt, we would watch for more. A love of such and such, then people thru the years, then what course does our dance take? It is curious to remain standing while others take their seats. Their seats are prominent responses. Each step with the drum, intended, becomes a cooling refreshment of utter means. We are not captivated, only equipped. Subtle movements in the trees bespeak the squirrels and merrily, but the day is not over. A dream of something effective, a talk with the devil itself, a fire in one’s range of vision, all this prepares a base for the effort up the mountain. Yes, Everest in the distance, just as trashed and facing as ever. We loom inside, with extreme sense, and a poem by Stevens. His cooling stare is so professional and kind. Avalanches mean nothing compared to him.