Sunday, March 8, 2009

Muttering Fortunate Warfare

Captain Element, on the beam of star front, sector-embarrassed, realizing the next day, poses before the gas giant Jupiter. work day approaches with radiance of spring in positioned sky frame. words prove diligent. rocket is assertion, black territory of thinking aloud. we will 'make it', says Captain Element at the helm. the word helm begets the ancients, their long ships bending over the horizon. those pitiable sorts hugged Jennifer Aniston, proven dust. stasis provokes stasis in the mind's eye. Captain Element sees thru space and time, what could only be scented as reward. a poem culminates in a truck thru history. each word is on edge. Troy again has no chance, just like yesterday. even so, a status-crazy asteroid plummets by without a thought. Diomedes strikes a god or two, for which no battering ram except the exacting truck of day. reason fluctuates and popular music seems like Jennifer Aniston's hair. Captain Element says, Remember when we invaded, then laughs, Picard to Enterprise. spiffy shambling is the new avatar, and it smells like hair salon.

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