Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scraps Guilt Process

Dense marvel child, thought is weight. Thought is Walt Whitman Incorporated, along a smooth river in green tempo. Variance occurs on march, walking to process while alert, firmed, dilate. now we read hence, here, the momentous. There was a crash of young person, wishing to be. Event of crashing young is a noun. Event of crashing young is noun falling down. Event is young noun falling crash of event. So much for that phrase lodge. We talk of tempo bout look, magnitude sand puns. puns shape language with diversion. The apples of this fall are ready. Are you full of time like the rest? You stop and read the margins, then inward, until a sentence is filled. Stop hen you are done. Do not smack the sat one, last in essence, last in judgment, last in how we weigh. A crash of taught magnifies and spells a thrifty sort of doom, numbers then and now.

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