Saturday, February 20, 2010

Distant Melon

Recent disclosure, the pans have handles, each one preset with a place for hand. Hand is umbilical, recent research declares. Such as in the life of Immanuel Kant, singing with Simon Garfunkel, adipose back door.

Stern ray gun of the really. Base emblem for chaos: Cake in the bathroom.

Toggle switch of the gods.

Swishing bunting of the patriotic mending pants.

Rubber duck of the post moderns.

Patches on the ass, thank you.

Go on with your story Mr.. Lucas, very fine good.

Spatula in the force of Emily Brontë.

Mordancy as a refrain inspired by doxy.

Gertrude Stein reading sheet music, three sheets to the wind.

Such the such of such.

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