Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michael Jordan is Fat, Mr Stallone


Axl Rose takes the dynamite and runs to the bridge. Snake isn’t happy, hats are not allowed. Suddenly, Yeti appears. The bridge must fall: narrative has been invoked. We will not let our clients down®. Then Axl Rose tremendously. Yeti. It is not a justified Steve Carell movie but a populist pilsner taste, like you could believe the Internet on this one. Rays of damage prop up the worst poets, who have been settling for marks on their cards. Those cards, Pirandello: Who was Sancho Panza? Axl ties up reticence and believes he will find last year. The bridge stands for statue, and we never mentioned opulence as a radical trace in flimsy maunder stage. Gorse, heather, tramps ramping toward the gust of purple flowering in Bruce Willis slid across the table of, not Schwarzenegger, banter like sluice.

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