Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Nicer Night

Dick Morris reveals how to prepare for coming aftershock! His stuffed pillow is a kraken. Rental closure plans Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (it is in a pricey ditch). A watery tone poem thrust into conversation transforms the regal stopgap. Now we intend to explore how yachts make the man, if the man is John Kerry. A pin fell into a well.

Stockyards explode with great prisms of sweat. Dick Morris is a sample of the plausible program pulled thru a hole in a 12 dollar bill. Captain Phil is a marginal ransom, asking price of launching. Now that the president sucks wasting day, we can go to ‘town’. Town is inference nestled between two frantic polis. Your child, then, explains fathers to mothers.

And Dick Morris is not even flame resistant, just fetched upon quasar seeming. The poem flaps less truly now, excavated with a list of words.

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