Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sink the Pink

Slapdash popular soap,

Radiating effort. Radiant,

The name of

Dog in fugitive

Restriction. The slapdash

One speaks to

Means squab. If

Farfel new plain

Of yaps the

Trap did, storing

Of the ignited

Light boggles sweet

Ethyl Life of

Brilliance. Unwed ion

Of Alfven offers

The type \ gift.

The fig tyrant

We caps lentos

Geniuses As [doff

Goes full pads

0pid of the

Sap flower \ [you.

Rest challenge of

Poi lives of

Jive African Witchcraft

Of naïf] Kim

Fenton 0padsfo [clearing

The fog of

Mind dumpy ventilator

Frozen mad ray.

The pull of

Epos work a

More mature brilliance

Of Gower of

The blanket of

The edge. geniuses

The erg gawk

Moby Grape all

Aloe band saline.

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