Saturday, February 13, 2010

The New System (fragments are barnburners)

Vicars roam the countryside, inquiring after Hegel. Hegel, surreptiously, asserts whatever documentary evidence that will suffice. He loves the music of Ferde Grofé.

Those hammocks in the west are donkeys. That vat in particular is the Grand Canyon.

Vicars realized the essential message. Freed Grofé wrote a doctored document, which caused Hegel to trumpet.

Fragments are barnburners, so the symptoms will remain:

1. Codger art forgettable

2. Bounty flagrant cop tart

3. Byzantium bibulous

4. Drape maker condiment

5. Fidelity wreak wrack cobalt

6. Sagacious foo worker triumph of lien parade guck

7. Swards of weeds preamble gusset hep tone squeegee enrichment eek Yorker roam the fool stoppage Cantabriggian werewolf finally awesome sweat bank barracks ode bomber

8. Nice try nodule mode of recent

9. Next fact cure told the moon bean raillery

10. Spice girls ladle program

11. Ambient twain fox as spoon arrival

And by the end of the symphony, seeing Hegel remorseful on the oboe, studying the contrast between assorted vicars in the claque, the regency of Ferde Grofé prunes newsworthy distinction: A yeti sits in the balcony.

And by the end of the end of the symphony, realizing trope has gone too far, the standard for understanding fitting a tired post named Paulo Freire, Leninists revise the latest revision, just to ensure a metre of process. This goads the new narrative, which was washed with a pioneering claim, then left for talk. Talk instantly bobbed up as conversation among vicars.

Modes of vicarage show consistency thru the ages. Generally the vicar lives there. Most non-vicars do not. The world, thus, can be sorted by vicarage and vicar. If vicar then. The vicar specific must be claimed before discussion can proceed.

More articles can be confederated from this point, sharing essentials and tailing back to the presence of Paulo Freire on the side of each side.

When language is constant, people are culled.