Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hitler Nougat Funny Trees

The flicker of the tents in masking arrangements around Paris.

Then a situation concerning the Seine, how nets seem like destinations, and finality brooms thru the hallway.

Lasting Hitler smiles phone call, it was the last straw. We said to Poland one say, Arise from the slap of snow on your face.

Lariat Hitler conked his head on belligerent stone. Heads up there.

Pouncing Hitler was equable, for the scuff of alpine weather reports news on a day.

Practical Hitler was story full forest.

Situational Hitler stayed prime number steady. And such a cask line jot the colourless thing that trailed behind until it was ahead.

Assertive program munitions branch.

Joust fossil lay about.

Doctor didactic death.

Not so much that the picture changes into the same picture, again a picture, again a storied picture stating claims of weaving thru stated claims of weaving. Repeat weaving, broom.

The friend of your favourite Hitler reclaims the stamen of the forest flower. Marketing Goebbels marketing, then a solace for the end of timing. End of Goebbels marketing the end of Hitler timing. We said dead birds on great congestion; they said the alien that we know the name of. Hitler’s just is a version, and soared your many like we know.


on the

train to Auschwitz


plucking form.

Plucking as form.

Plucking as belligerent form.

Hitler hash of all the splaying. Pared to prefer, as sudden works. It was Hitler works, it was Hitler works.

Today is differed dust,

they say.

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