Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Poem Became So Popular and He Became So Close

Sometimes, in plain English. warloads with throats cut nicely. The lead dragon ship worshipped the appropriate blood. Then, positron factions of Afghanistan stood on tom toms and danced cadence to blow up. Ambitious!

Forces want to blow up. In this sentence, Oasis appears as a provocation of that day when the beginning of an endless song ridiculed the option of MTV. We were rivals of animate,

In the late aptitude, guns flying thru forests of rebate (tax sitch); made belligerents seize a faulty tour bus. Memories were fazed.

Justice stuck caulked diodes to rummy tour guides. Fustian replied to Sarah Palin with envelopes. We soon were soup.

Nonce words create a carpet on which plopping sounds could be recorded. This was a distant planet, crusty like the Palin brain. It could have been us.

English returned to normal, with carriages churning out more duped amazement. We have been brunt for years of tired immigrants.

Chalk makes dust on the board, chalk equals words. The words remodel the expressive Palin. Dimes are just as cheap.

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