Tuesday, July 10, 2012

President Kraken Responds

Every effort has been made to every effort. After funding, loops will insinuate into knack for looping. A positive venture will install the next debate. Meanwhile,

obvious facts resume reproach. The interest in these sparkling indices called stars enjoys regulation. A world of fracking insists on the insight of time. Let us deliver more foam.

In later years, there will be more earlier years. We must resist a sense of time as a thing made of muffins and coffee poured into perfect cups. We must not pour muffins into cups. We must see the Higgs boson as a thing made of no thing freed from anything until now. Vacuum is another name for electorate.

As I chance upon the next verse, I find that testament arrives with blanket statements. This blanket resembles a clarinet, except that it quietly goes its way.

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