Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Field Guide to Wildflowers

Practical spots on the sun. Isn’t it anything problem? Am I really hungry, when I door? Pleasant vacation we saw water. And after that, we saw food. Stores. A sun more than exactly above the world. A wharf, alongside water, attractively attended to. A candle on a table. A lady who serves things. A gent who does something important. Classes that tell you. Class levels to position you, me, and all the them. Needed for clarification.

Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow in time for doing exactly the right when all others do the wrong. Samson and the power to knock over. Hercules and the power to over produce. Bruce Jenner and the power to eat wheatflakes for breakfast. Michelle Obama and that means what it takes. Wife of Paul Ryan as the second whatever. Caped crew seder, whatever that means.

Dear Lowell, we were there in your night. Axioms were made for sloth and that sort of thing., Taxes bend for yours as well as some of ours. Poverty’s a grand prank practiced upon the unknowing. Put up or shut hop.

Dear Lowell, big trees mean nothing. Poems form on the edge of actions that the Avengers take for granted, except disjunction often makes things different. Lowell, lower your embassy into the mucky canals which, after all, aint useful now. Embassy, remind us why we convene.

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