Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Those Who Fend

Sorry to disturb you, chlorophyll is going. Radar is next.

Silence consists of fractions, immutable in the extreme.

Plenty of harsh words overreact, and what are people doing? You should know and arrive, at conclusions.

A difference carried away, times two, receives a portion of Earth. This is simple math.

People puddle incomplete, wishing about that disaster day, a star fell out.

You were the Dear Sir or Madam, once that day began. You were that voter. You were that in the way.

People are applied to people on a daily basis. The telltale signs remain.

If you read this poem aloud to people, you will be people aloud.

Your Asperger shows when you say, and we say, so.

All the noose that fits, they chuckle.

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